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Work smarter

Get the information you need quickly, helping you to work even more efficiently. Property Guru offers detailed property information, interactive mapping tools, a customisable Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) builder and a legal document ordering service, all in one comprehensive solution.


Create insight

Use our extensive information and tools to amplify your local knowledge. Create valuable insight for yourself and your customers and build trust in your expertise by demonstrating your understanding of the area: including property profiles (number of bedrooms, floor area etc), market activity and trends, and relevant statistics.

Visualise what’s happening in an area

A combination of extensive aerial photography and unique interactive mapping tools provides an in-depth, spatial view of land and property information to help you gain extra insight into local area activity.

  • Search result options include a radius search to filter results to certain geographic areas.
  • Overlay the map with sales and listing data to get context for recent sales or a target property.
  • Use the draw and measure tools and hi-resolution mapping to better measure distance or area.

Write more business on the go

The Property Pro mobile app means you no longer need to be in the office to maximise productivity. Available for both iOS and Android, the app is included with all Property Guru subscriptions. Be equipped with the info that you or your customers need immediately, rather than waiting until you’re back at your desk.

View property details, find and compare similar properties using flexible filtering and mapping options, and save your favourite properties or searches while on the go. You can also use your device’s GPS to view the latest property transactions around your location. Find out more. 

Custom reporting

Reporting options include Signature, a powerful CMA building tool that helps you create and customise reports to help you stand out against competitors and provide a great service to vendors and clients. Tell your unique story, position yourself and your brand, and showcase your local expertise with Signature.