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Estimator Platinum is powered by Cordell's pricing databases. The 25,800 items are updated daily - with comprehensive prices on labour and materials ensuring quick quotes and reduced risk of over or underquoting. Supplement this with imported pricing from your own preferred supplier too.


Save time

Choose from a large number of Cordell costing templates to start your estimate - use a proven construction sequence of work so you can spend less time at the desk and more time on the job.

Personalise it

Customise your estimates (including costs and descriptions), create your own recipes & produce professional reports in a client friendly report format with your business logo and other details personalised.



Our cloud storage means you’ll never lose an estimate again and the easy online access will improve your client responsiveness.

NEW! Builder's Elements Database

Select from complete recipes for entire elements or house sections to combine costs for a range of standard elements into one single cost, saving you time.

  • Estimating for a house previously required you to pull together items. If you wanted to create a brick veneer wall, you had to pull together items like brickwork, wall framing and plasterboard. Now, the builder’s elements database contains a brick veneer wall already complete with brickwork, timber framing, internal linings, insulation, painting, cornices and skirting.
  • With one click you can estimate the total cost involved in creating a standard brick veneer wall in five different heights. With just another click, you can then deduct all your external wall openings. Walls are available in both lineal and square metre rates for any situation. It couldn't be easier.