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5 Ways Comprehensive Property Data Helps Inform Lending Strategies

In today’s competitive landscape, preliminary data sets are not enough. Lenders need a holistic view of New Zealand’s mortgage market, to properly assess market share, peer-to-peer comparisons and geographical breakdown of vital buying and selling data.

Comprehensive lending data has never been more important for lenders wanting to protect market share and continue to grow in uncertain times.

As interest rates rise and the property market is squeezed, lenders are looking for smarter, more effective ways to increase share of volume, drill down into market activity and stay ahead of the competition.

CoreLogic NZ’s Mortgage Market Share Dashboard (MMS) is designed to help address these business needs.

Here are five ways the MMS dashboard helps lenders leverage comprehensive property data to protect and grow their share of the New Zealand mortgage market.

1. Validate your hypothesis and benchmark your performance

By analysing, measuring and understanding the mortgage market, you can make data-driven decisions to drive your business forward. The more data you have at your disposal, the more you are able to make informed decisions with confidence.

In the property market, instinct can be unreliable. Facts and figures matter. When the vast majority of business decisions are based on insights informed by hard metrics, and related to your goals, you are in a far better position to craft sound initiatives that underpin your management reports and business operations.

Basing decisions on comprehensive lending data can propel your market share to new heights, while helping you adapt to an ever-changing landscape. This critical data should form the core of all your strategies, activities and commercial operations.

When your goal is to validate your hypothesis and benchmark your performance across multiple different buyer classes, you can measure your performance and make fact-based decisions to positively impact market share across first home buyers, or multiple property owners.

2. Target geographical and customer clusters to increase market share

The MMS dashboard makes it easy to identify areas where your market share is growing or falling. This allows you to be agile, shifting your focus to areas which warrant investment, while working on improvement of poorly-performing locations or customer clusters. The interactive dashboard helps you:

  • Clearly identify areas to increase market share, areas targeted for growth, and areas where you need to defend your share against competition.
  • Understand market share by buyer classification, allowing you to strategically target specific customer segments.
  • Easily visualise your market share, across New Zealand, in an interactive colour-coded map.

3. Compare market volume and share to boost regional growth

When you have a holistic view of the nation’s lending data, you can create more focused regional sales and marketing campaigns.

By accessing data on your competitors at a national level, you gain a deeper understanding of your current position.

This also makes it easier to resolve an apparent discrepancy between, say, growing volume and decreasing share in any given suburb. Just compare your own growth or decline with the overall market trend, giving you a clear picture of your performance.

You’re able to hone in on potential regionally located customers, and boost growth through targeted marketing activity.

4. Target customer campaign yield and ROI

The MMS dashboard gives you access to valuable buyer classifications. This means you can select specific customer segments to target with tailored marketing activity.

When you understand the real picture of retention and growth, using monthly market insights and trend analysis, you can clearly track and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

You now have the tools to determine whether volume increase in a specific region is due to organic growth, or the result of a campaign targeting a particular customer cluster.

By drilling down into different suburbs and regions, Buyer Classification* data shows MPO attribution month on month, validating your investment.

5. Track your growth position as part of the bigger lending picture

This is where the dashboard demonstrates its true power, giving you comprehensive insight into the New Zealand lending and mortgage market.

When you see the big picture, you can track not only new mortgage registrations, but also refi wins, losses, and discharges. This helps you determine where to invest.

  • Access detailed data on customers, including those new to bank lending, losses, refinancing and discharges.
  • Use the data to proactively acquire and defend your market position.
  • Compare gains and losses, attracting a greater share of the market across specific segments.

We’d love to show you how our MMS dashboard can give you a genuinely competitive edge. Request your personal demo to see it in action.

*Available in the Premium Plan.


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