Consistent results

E-valuers are tested every week against property sales from the last six months, and CoreLogic monitors the accuracy of the E-valuer estimated values against international standards. Our E-valuer estimates need to be within 10% of the actual selling price approximately 65% of the time to be considered very good, and consistently exceed in this measure.

Our model is also tested and approved by the majority of New Zealand banks, who use E-valuer to help them make smart lending decisions.


Gauging accuracy

We are also able to calculate how accurate the AVM estimate is likely to be in comparison to the current market value by using a Forecast Standard Deviation (FSD). The FSD calculation is based on analysis of the comparable sales used by the AVM to gauge how accurate it is likely to be.


Extensive coverage

Our AVMs have coverage on more than 99% of all houses in New Zealand, approximately 99% of all flats, over 85% of all apartments, and more than 63% of all lifestyle properties.