Despite the devastation caused by earthquakes in recent years, according to the National Emergency Management Agency flooding is actually the greatest hazard in New Zealand, in terms of frequency, losses, and civil defence emergencies*.  With major flood events occurring on average every eight months, organisations in both the government and private sectors have been asking for a high precision, nationwide flood model to enable better planning, risk assessment and response to flood events.  

Over 700,000 New Zealanders and 400,000 buildings are currently at risk from river and coastal flooding. The combined risk to property assets totals over NZ$135 billion, and that’s before calculating the cost of potential damages caused by flooding to more than 19,000kms of road and 15,000kms of railway lines in New Zealand.

Being able to plan for potential flood hazards can make all the difference – and not just to the home owners at risk. It is also essential for the insurance companies who make underwriting decisions on properties, the banks supplying the property finance, the telecommunications and utilities companies providing vital services to homes and offices, and the government agencies tasked with protecting communities and their assets.

Introducing New Zealand FloodMapTM and New Zealand FloodScoreTM
That’s why CoreLogic has partnered with world leading flood experts Ambiental to introduce NZ FloodMap and NZ FloodScore to the New Zealand market. These innovative solutions provide critical flood risk data to anybody with an interest in better understanding the potential flood impact for any property in New Zealand.

With global best practice modelling that has been validated against local council models and high-resolution visualisation powered by LiDAR, both datasets offer the most complete view of potential flood risks – for large regions down to individual properties.

NZ FloodMap and NZ FloodScore offer a broad range of benefits, from enabling businesses to assess risk across their customer portfolio, to assisting insurers in optimising home insurance policy pricing, to helping resource planners and service providers understand potential flood impact on assets and communities.

New Zealand FloodMap: Providing the most complete picture of flood risk
NZ FloodMap offers a consistent spatial view of flood risk throughout New Zealand. It provides high resolution and precision map layers containing inundation risk for different event probabilities, enabling detailed analysis of flood risk anywhere in New Zealand.

Showing river, rain and tidal layers and building-level detail, NZ FloodMap has 99.6% of New Zealand modelled, and around 50% of the country’s population areas mapped at a high 5m resolution.

New Zealand FloodMap
New Zealand FloodMap

New Zealand FloodScore: Easy reliable access to flood risk data
NZ FloodScore allocates an easy-to-understand relative flood risk score for every address and location in New Zealand, calculated from the likely estimated flood-related loss to each property. This allows for a fast implementation of a flood risk assessment. 

NZ FloodScore is perfect as either a complement or alternative to NZ FloodMap, and is derived from the same high precision modelling but can be used without need for a GIS tool. It is ideal for organisations that don’t need the same level of detail for flood risk assessment, but who need a reliable, consistent property level risk score for analysis and decision making. 

New Zealand FloodScore
New Zealand FloodScore

Complete, up-to-date, flexible flood risk datasets
Both NZ FloodMap and NZ FloodScore will be updated as the underlying data improves, ensuring that you have ready access to flood risk data that is both relevant and current. Both datasets can be integrated with GIS systems or other applications, and can be overlaid with other customer or risk data for better analysis and insight.