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Women and Property 2023

Exclusive report on women and property ownership in New Zealand


As New Zealander’s engage in conversations around gender equality, CoreLogic adds a new dimension to the debate – the issue of gender equality in the property market.

Drawing on our extensive property database, we deliver unique insights into women and property on both sides of the Tasman.

Don’t miss this third annual report to understand where Kiwi and Aussie women are forging ahead – and how their property choices could reinforce their gender wealth gap over time.

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What is included?

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Market Share

Mixed-gendered property ownership increased, reversing the trend from previous years, as single-sex ownership declined for both genders.


Men continue to hold the greater share of property overall, at 0.5% or 8,149 more properties than women.


Investment property accounts for the bulk of gap in ownership between genders, with Kiwi men owning five percentage points more of the investment properties analysed.


Women’s share is higher in less expensive markets, while men own more expensive properties. The opposite was found in Australia.