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Introducing The NZ Property Market Podcast

Property and broader economic market insights havejust become a whole lot more accessible thanks to the CoreLogicNZ Property Market Podcast hosted by research head Nick Goodall and economist Kelvin Davidson.

Updated weekly and available to listen to viaApple Podcastsand Spotify in time for your commute home every Monday evening, our CoreLogic NZ Property Market Podcast will deliver a raft of compelling property & economic market insights. It will deliver ‘truth' and ‘value' to the whole property industry ecosystem; property-active individuals, first-time buyers, real estate agents, developers, banking and finance, investors, accountants, insurance, government ……. anyone generally interested in keeping abreast of the movements and trends in property.

As Nick Goodall says, "The creative vision behind for our NZ Property Market Podcast is about delivering a refreshing and authentic show where weekly, we're able to deliver real-time local and global property market insights aimed at keeping people and businesses well informed on what's going on.

"After all, property has long been our biggest asset class – and, it's certainly the dominant conversation topic at many business or social gatherings I've attended of late – this too became a catalyst for the creation of our Podcast – particularly as we see the impact property has on setting global narratives and strategic alignment for business at all levels.

"At CoreLogic, we truly believe it's our job to tell help people how to determine what is turbulence and what is truth and what to make of the volume and velocity of the noise around property.”

And, while we begin with a crew of two in Nick andKelvin, we plan to grow our podcast to include leading commentators from diverse industries – leaders who are at the forefront of the property industry, involved in making decisions, effecting change and helping to keep our economy vibrant and sustainable. And, given we're in an election year, you never know who may end up joining in on one of our NZ Property Market Podcast interview segments!

Tune in and subscribe to the NZ Property Market Podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


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CoreLogic New Zealand

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