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Unlocking Real Estate Success: Using SMS to overcome contact disengagement

Did you know that 97.5% of contacts in agency CRMs haven’t had a connected phone call in the last 12 months?*

That means there is a wealth of potential vendors already existing in your CRM which haven’t been tapped into. With time constraints and being constantly on the move, it is challenging to stay connected with clients, which in turn can hinder your prospecting efforts and result in missed opportunities. But what if there was a solution?

Introducing RiTA, the AI-powered assistant designed to revolutionise the real estate industry. RiTA harnesses the power of AI and automated solutions to find the best contacts in your CRM which you should talk to. To help save you time, RiTA can then have two-way SMS conversations with those contacts to help improve your touch points with contacts, offer market information, ask if they would like an appraisal or confirm their details to help clean your database. RiTA will then notify you of any warm leads you should follow up with.

"RiTA proved invaluable in effectively mining orphan data and generating warm leads from a large pool of prospects. This has greatly benefited our team, and we continue to see positive results." Braden Lamb, Principal & Sales Specialist at BL Company.

At the core of RiTA's innovation is AI-powered SMS conversations.

SMS is a highly effective and engaging communication channel, with a remarkable 98% of SMS messages being read, and 90% of those within the first 3 minutes of sending**. RiTA leverages SMS to help overcome the challenges associated with contact disengagement and being able to reach your contacts via a phone call. With RiTA, agents can have more valuable conversations via SMS, have multiple conversations at once, and build trust with their contacts to help generate more opportunities.

Introducing prospecting on the go

We know Real Estate Agents are constantly on the move and can struggle to dedicate time to lead generation and prospecting while away from their desks, so RiTA is now also available as an app.

You can now work seamlessly and efficiently even while on the go. With the RiTA app, you can access the integrated CoreLogic RP Data, unlocking powerful features like geographic searches and real-time property owner information. Push notifications keep you instantly updated on new sales or listings in your area. And receive and respond to messages from warm leads directly within the app, ensuring you never miss a valuable opportunity.

"RiTA takes care of the heavy lifting, handling conversations and filtering leads for us in the morning and evening. Starting the day with a handful of leads to go through, we can quickly identify who needs a phone call or follow-up. Having RiTA working before we even arrive at the office is wonderful. With RiTA's assistance, I can focus on prospecting in the morning and scheduling appointments in the afternoon. Having RiTA working for us in the evening is simply awesome."
Braden Lamb - Principal & Sales Specialist - BL Company

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*RiTA April 2023 - review of 40 million contacts in customer CRMs 

**Adobe - (


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