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Powering 86 400's First Home Loan

86 400 is a mobile-first bank that uses smart technology to show their customers the most relevant information about their spending, savings and bills so they can plan forward, as well as look back at their spending history.  Plus, with some help from CoreLogic, they now also offer home loans.


86 400 launched into the market with the intent to disrupt traditional banking models, providing a smarter alternative for Australians. True to form, they wanted to be the first Australian mobile bank to offer a digital home loan, so they partnered with CoreLogic to make this a reality.

Their vision for their home loan was to make the entire experience as easy as possible for both brokers and customers. This included reducing paperwork and the time required to get to approval.

Simply put, power the transformation of the broker and customer experience and get to market first.


There were three primary elements to CoreLogic’s response to 86 400’s brief.

  1. Leverage the CoreLogic PropertyHub ecosystem to give 86 400 immediate access to the broker market
  2. Rapidly deploy CoreLogic’s out-of-the-box technology to give 86 400 access a panel of valuers
  3. CoreLogic rental AVM data used to validate the rental amount included in applications, removing the need for supporting lease agreements.

CoreLogic was also able to:

  • Provide 86 400 and their brokers the ability to order valuations up front
  • Manage 86 400’s valuation panel
  • Integrate with 86 400’s origination system and decisioning rules, reducing the amount of work for their operations team.


CoreLogic was able to deliver 86 400’s first home loan in just over 18 months – a monumental achievement!

With less paperwork and faster time to approval, brokers are now saved from having to hand-hold the application throughout the entire process. 86 400 dared to do something different, making their home loan application process faster and easier for both brokers and their customers.

“We’re really proud of what we’ve built at 86 400 with the help of CoreLogic, and we’re really excited for the future.”

Melissa Christy
Lending Product Lead at 86 400

“Using the technology and their vision, we really think we can help them empower their strategy of helping their customers into the properties of their dreams.” 

James Vaughan
Senior Leader, Industry Solutions at CoreLogic


CoreLogic Australia

CoreLogic Australia

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