The CoreLogic House Price Index provides a reliable indication of property value movement throughout New Zealand, offering an understanding of property values and how they are changing, and assisting with comparisons between areas. 


For more than a decade CoreLogic powered the well-known QV House Price Index. On 1 September 2020 the first CoreLogic House Price Index will be released, produced using exactly the same personnel and methodology as the QV House Price Index, under the CoreLogic brand. 

What makes the CoreLogic House Price Index so reliable?

The CoreLogic House Price Index is a SPAR (sales price appraisal ratio) index, meaning it applies the performance of recent sales to the entire base of properties in an area to measure how market movements have affected all properties. By calculating the average property value in each area, comparisons can be made with previous periods. It’s more reliable and reflective of property value change over time than measures that use sales prices in a given period, as the composition of properties which sell in a period can change dramatically, producing volatile and less-representative results. When compared to other house price index methodologies, SPAR indices were found to perform the best, offering greater stability, robustness and accuracy.

How can I receive updates on the latest Index release? 

The Index is released on the first day of every month, or on the first Monday of the month if the first falls on a weekend. 

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