Supporting Athena to reduce risks in the home lending process

As an innovative lender in a competitive market, Athena is always looking for an edge to enable it to provide customers with some of the best rates on the market. It is able to do this and help customers make informed decisions through its partnership with CoreLogic.

CoreLogic assists by providing access to the property data that helps Athena make the decision on whether to offer customers a mortgage on a property. Consequently, Athena is always able to have a firm grasp on the risks it faces when lending money to customers.

These are invaluable insights that have helped Athena to be more agile and to deliver on its digital-first model.

athena staff looking at screen



“We sat down with some very smart people at CoreLogic and presented them with a number of our business problems. We walked out of the room thinking of some very different solutions that drive better outcomes for us.”

Joseph Seychell
Chief Risk Officer at Athena Home Loans

“CoreLogic gives us data right across the market that helps us identify opportunities and, importantly, helps us identify threats.”   

Pierre Steyn
Finance Director at Athena Home Loans