Recruitment Process

At CoreLogic, we believe it’s important to find the right talent for our roles. We also believe it is important to give you the best opportunity to shine, and to work out whether we’re the right fit for you. To do that, our talent acquisition and selection process will enable us to get to know each other.



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How to apply for a role at CoreLogic?

We list all active opportunities on our Careers portal where we encourage you to create a profile and set up job alerts. Creating a profile will make the process of applying and, if successful, accepting an offer more streamlined. It also helps you stay up to date as new opportunities are listed.

In addition to our Careers portal we leverage LinkedIn and SEEK extensively, as well as Flex Careers, Women in Technology and University Career Hubs.

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You’ve applied for a role – what’s next?

Your application will go through an initial screening process, based on your resume and responses to eligibility questions, to create a shortlist of qualified candidates.

After shortlisting, one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists will contact you to discuss your experience, salary expectations and availability. This initial conversation is a great opportunity for you to ask any questions about the role and the company.

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You’ve been invited to interview - what can you expect?

The first interview will be a face to face or video meeting with the hiring manager and 2-3 stakeholders. Additional interviews may be scheduled based on the role and stakeholder availability.

Depending on the role, you may be required you to complete a behavioural and/or technical online test.

There will be many conversations through this process. In the event that you are not selected this time, we will contact you to provide feedback and discuss the outcome. We receive a high volume of competitive applicants for our roles. If unsuccessful the first time round, we encourage you to apply again - after all, you may be successful in another business area or position.

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You’ve been selected - what are the next steps?

You can expect a call to discuss a verbal offer, referees, and our preemployment process. Once completed, you will receive a call from one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists as well as your employment contract for completion via our career portal.