Nick Goodall
Head of Research

Nick is an ace with numbers, and he has a knack for transforming facts and figures into compelling stories to inform a wide range of audiences. As our Head of Research, Nick is at the forefront of the latest trends driving the NZ property market.

After starting out as an analyst in the telecommunications and banking industries, Nick joined CoreLogic in 2011. By drawing on his varied experience and expertise, he always brings interesting insights to the property industry.

Together with his dedicated team of analysts, Nick is constantly finding new ways of analysing data to help our customers with their property decisions. By looking beyond the news headlines, Nick focuses on the bigger picture around where the market is heading.

As the face of CoreLogic in New Zealand and host of the NZ Property Market Podcast, Nick regularly fronts the media to share his expert commentary. He’s also frequently invited to present to government organisations such as the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, as well as to banks, real estate agencies and consumer groups.

Outside work, Nick keeps busy with his three young kids and his passion for trail running and sport.

Articles authored by Nick Goodall:

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