HomePrezzo is an automated content platform that turns property data and statistics into engaging videos and infographics for sharing on your website, in emails or on social media. It is the perfect way to build up your online and digital audience and nurture leads and new business. 
Like any new platform however, there are tips and tricks to getting the most impact. Here is our guide to mastering HomePrezzo. 

1.    Match colours to your brand

When you first sign in to HomePrezzo you’ll be asked to create your settings. If you belong to a franchise, your basic colour palette is likely to be pre-loaded within HomePrezzo, so select it to ensure you don’t have to constantly select colours each time you create a video. If you are an independent agency, you can request that your colours are setup for you by the HomePrezzo team. Just email with your RGB mixes. 

CoreLogic Homeprezzo Tips 1

2.    Go for stronger colours

The exciting, graphic filled HomePrezzo videos are perfect for grabbing attention and keeping viewers interested but knowing which colours to choose for which elements can really help your videos ‘pop’. To be safe, you can always choose a white background, but to get the biggest wow, choose a solid, attractive background colour.  Be sure to pick a bright contrasting colour for your “pop colour” and make sure the “text colour” is legible on your background. This will really help bring your video to life. White is a great choice for text if your background is darker.

CoreLogic Homeprezzo Tips_2

3.    Be mindful of your logo  

The great thing about choosing a bold colour is that it stands out. The downside is that if your logo has a white, or opaque background, it will look odd on the video. There are two ways to avoid this. The first is to make sure you save your logo with a transparent background. The second – if you can’t make your logo transparent – is to go with a white background (and make the text and pop colours bold). Ideally, your logo should be 200 pixels wide x 100 pixels tall. And always save your logo as a JPEG file (never PNG, or it may distort).

CoreLogic Homeprezzo Tips 3

4.    Font

Tempting though it may be to defy your marketing team and throw brand guidelines out the window, we recommend sticking to fonts that are clean, simple and reflective of your brand. They should also be really easy to read. Metric is always a great default if you are having trouble choosing. 

CoreLogic Homeprezzo Tips 4

5.    Double check statistics

While the data doesn’t lie, sometimes it’s not always available.

In markets where sales are low, there may not be enough data to populate all the animations. You can see this in the data summaries before the videos are created. Look out for any N/As. If there are too many, you may need to move on to another suburb. Or alternatively, create a Suburb Infographic where you can change the storyline to make sure it covers an angle that has data. 

CoreLogic Homeprezzo Tips 5

6.    Are your sales telling the right story?  

In some markets, not disclosing sale prices is common. In a video that seeks to provide insights into how your market is performing, undisclosed sales can be annoying and unhelpful. You can see if there are any by clicking off the auto select for recent sales and editing the properties that appear. If you do this, you should also check the photos on the recent sales to ensure they match your newly selected properties. 

CoreLogic Homeprezzo Tips 6

7.    Don’t forget contact details

To get the most out of your video, make sure your contact details are correct at the end of the video. You can correct these permanently in the settings. 

CoreLogic Homeprezzo Tips 7

8.    Finalise your video

There is one last step to creating a video that you must not be tempted to miss – and that’s finalising your video. It takes a little time, so you can make a cup of tea while it’s happening, or even go on to create more content and HomePrezzo will email you once its done. But if you find that your video isn’t sharing properly or appearing as you expect, it usually means it hasn’t been finalised, so go back and make sure you’ve done this important step. 

CoreLogic Homeprezzo Tips 8