2019 Best of the Best Report

The Best of the Best report takes a suburb level deep dive into a variety of measures used by CoreLogic to determine property market performance across the year, ranging from property value growth to rental yields.

What's included in this report?

Highlighting the National Top Performing Suburbs, and the top performing suburbs within Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin based on the below criteria:

Median value data

Based on the middle value of all automated valuations across the suburb.

Five year change

The percentage difference between the hedonic home value index  in the same period compared to 5 years ago annualised. 

Days on market

How long it takes for a property to sell from first listing to sale date. Suburbs covered for this measure must have at least 200 dwellings and have had 20 sales in the past year.

What's the outlook for 2020?


“The factors that have brought investors back to the market over recent months seem unlikely to fade as we move into 2020 – indeed, it could shape up as the ‘year of the investor'.”



Kelvin Davidson
Senior Research Analyst

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