Get hot leads

Generate listing leads by creating interactive and highly engaging content for your website. Help customers-to-be answer their most important question, “How much is this property estimated to be worth?” with a free property report. Reports are supplied once the prospect completes a simple contact form. These details are then sent directly to your inbox so you can follow them up. 

  • Each prospect can receive up to five reports, after which they are advised to contact the agent.
  • Leads are immediately emailed to the address you supply, which you have the ability to edit later. 

Make your website ‘sticky’

Add engaging and highly valued content to your website to complement your existing listings. Provide a service to potential vendors who are researching agents and want to understand how you will help them.

Customise your widgets

Widgets are available in ‘tower’ (vertical) or ‘map’ (horizontal) formats to fit in with your website design, with a range of colours that will suit major franchises. The agent or agency promotional panel on tower widgets allows you to customise with a photo or logo and contact details.


Easy to set-up

Widgets are created by our set-up team so you don’t need to be a technical expert. We will email you a small snippet of embed code to place on your preferred page of your site. If you are already able to edit your website and embed content, then it’s likely you can embed the widget yourself. If you don’t have the ability to edit your website, you will need to contact your website administrator to request they add your widget embed code for you.