Quality reports the bank will accept

Valuers on the CoreLogic Valuation Panel are qualified and bank approved, ensuring the high quality of their reports. This also means the valuation report will always be accepted by the bank.


Reports available through the Valuation Ordering Service: 

Full Market Valuations - get a quality valuation report from valuers you know will deliver on time.

Val-IQ Desktop Valuations - customers can get a cost-effective report within 24 hours with Val-IQ Desktop Valuations, which eliminate onsite inspection by a valuer.


Reduced risk

Ordering through the Valuation Ordering Service means reduced opportunities for fraud and inflated property values, with complete transparency throughout the entire process.

Greater customer experience

The entire process of finding an approved valuer is handled for the customer by their Bank or Broker, and managed by a dedicated CoreLogic team.


Valuation management platform

Fully outsource your valuation requirements with ValEx, an easy, online system that allows up to date tracking of valuations, reporting and management of all work.