Convenient source

All the property information you need in one place: from title documents to property reports and automated valuations, with Terranet you save time by not having to research using multiple sources.

There is also a range of free community resources, including neighbourhood and suburb information, available to help you or your customers when researching.


Online property reports

Easy access to a cost-effective selection of easy-to-access property report options - including property and sales history, local sales, survey and title transaction details, building consents, and estimates of current market value.

Titles documentation

Terranet offers a faster, smarter means of obtaining property title documents. Available documents include Certificate of Title, Historic or Guaranteed Title, Survey or Title Plan, and Instruments or Memorials. 

If you need title documents in a hurry, an urgent delivery option (within 30 minutes of ordering - during business hours) is available.


E-valuer Automated Valuation Reports

Using the latest technology and predictive modelling techniques, along with CoreLogic’s unique property data and industry expertise, an E-valuer gives you an instant estimate of the current market value of a property at the click of a button.