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Property Coverage

Warm up your cold calling

SmartList uses the latest big data analytics to identify home owners in your local area who are more likely to list and sell. Drawing on a combination of property data and census and macro-economic factors, SmartList can deliver up to five times more conversations and longer term sales opportunities than random cold calling.


How it works:


Marketing compliant lists

SmartList delivers marketing compliant, prioritised lists of prospects and property market data to use for calls, personalised direct mail and focused door knocking, allowing you to easily connect with more listings in less time. Lists are sent out monthly, with new properties at the top and existing properties that are still indicating likelihood to list and sell underneath.

The information you receive for each property includes:

  • Property address
  • House or unit
  • Property value
  • Contact details of owners (not renters)
  • Time in property
  • Confidence level

Region exclusivity

SmartList offers region exclusivity, meaning that we will only licence SmartList in each region once. This provides only you with the information you have subscribed to, meaning your competitors won’t have the same ability to target homeowners.