Nearly 200000 items in costings database Every component is attributed to 4 costs types 3 levels of specifications considered
Nearly 200,000 items Every component is attributed to 4 costs types 3 levels of Specifications considered
in our costings database Labour, Materials, Plant, Subcontract Average, Quality and Prestige


Help home buyers and owners’ estimate renovation costs

Renovation Calculator can help you target prospects and non-home loan clients considering renovation as part of home purchasing and renovating cycle. 

Grow your balance sheet through lead generation

Engaging with your website visitors that are doing a renovation research may help identify new qualified leads for your business.

Renovators – A key and growing home loan market segment

According to the CoreLogic Buyer Classification statistics for August 2019, 'movers' are slightly less active in terms of their property purchases than in the past. They have accounted for 26% of purchases in July/August, down from the long-term average of 28%. Meanwhile, the market for renovations remains strong – Stats NZ figures show that in the year to July 2019, there was $1.79bn worth of consents for house alterations, very close to the record highs of $1.86bn seen in July/August last year. Ensure you are engaging and tapping into this active market segment.