Spatial Data Changes
made each week
Data Layers
with more coming soon
Cloud-Free Imagery Coverage
of NZ properties

Save time

Be more efficient in conveyancing and other property-focused legal services. Easy to use search options and clearly displayed information will help to reduce the time spent finding property and title data.

  • Search by address, owner, title, valuation reference or legal description.
  • Or locate properties using the map.

Shed light on easements

Switch the easements layer on to visually highlight which parcels have easements associated with them. Displaying easements this way helps make them clearer and therefore easier to understand.

Be better prepared

Visualising a property and what’s around it helps ensure you account for important information such as neighbouring properties and owners, boundaries, titles, easements and recent sales.


Provide professional legal advice

High quality mapping and mark up tools help you produce insightful legal advice for your clients.

  • Add notations such a text and highlighting over the top of the map or high-resolution imagery
  • Measure and display distances and areas
  • Save to PDF or print so you can present your findings to your clients

Easy property reporting

Select one or more properties and preview report details for each one, then generate comprehensive PDF reports or order title and legal documents.

  • Generate property reports containing property attributes, boundaries, easements, covenants, title references and more.
  • Click through to Terranet to order Landonline title and legal documents.