Match event notifications to your strategic goals

Choose what you want to know about. Available alerts are: Properties for sale, Properties for rent, Properties sold, Property anniversary dates, Building consent.


Manage life trigger impacts

Buying, selling or renovating your home is a major life event that influences household purchase behaviour. Consumers at these stages have an increased likelihood of switching up providers. For example, CoreLogic research indicates people selling a property are 3.6 times more likely to switch insurers.

Get industry specific support

Property Monitor alerts organisations to major property related events affecting their customers, allowing for relevant and insightful conversations. Find out how Telcos & Utilities, Insurers and Lenders use Property Monitor.

  • Telcos & Utilities: use Property Monitor to help reduce churn, win new customers and make a customer's transition to a new property smooth and stress free, while up-selling to other products and services at the same time.
  • Insurers: check if an insured property is being used as a rental & if landlords have appropriate insurance, keep in touch with your customers if they are selling their property to take out their next policy with you, learn when customers are improving their house & need to update their insurance. Get the insurance product sheet here.
  • Lenders: alerts can help you to reduce churn, secure a customer's next mortgage if they are looking at purchasing a new property, or provide a loan if they are renovating.