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Event-driven alerts to power your marketing

Property Monitor captures events for more than 1.6 million Kiwi homes, including when properties are listed, sold, rented, when the sales anniversary is approaching, or when building consents are granted. Property Monitor insights can help inform your marketing strategy and enable key decisions around segmentation, messaging and offers.

With the right engagement strategy, Property Monitor can help:

  • reduce churn 
  • increase retention rates 
  • grow the lifetime value of a customer 
  • strengthen NPS scores
  • improve marketing ROI

Proactively engage home lending customers

Selling, buying and renovating are major life events that can influence switching to a new lender or home loan. Property Monitor alerts you when certain customers or prospects are likely to be making major financial decisions, helping you identify the best time to engage them about their changing mortgage requirements, insurance cover, top up or refinancing.  

Support customers with their insurance decisions

By recognising – and acting on - key drivers that cause a property status to change, insurers can engage customers or prospects about their changing insurance needs, and better identify opportunities to cross-sell other services such as landlord or contents insurance. 

Property Monitor alerts helps insurers identify customers who are currently embarking on home renovations, buying, selling or listing their property for rent. Armed with this timely and highly targeted data, insurers can proactively engage customers with more relevant content and cover options, make sure coverages are up to date, and better protect customers who may unknowingly void their home insurance policy. 

Help movers stay connected to essential services

There’s a lot to think about when moving or renovating a house. Transferring or changing utilities – like phone, internet or power - can often be missed or overlooked. Property Monitor helps telco and energy providers make changing and moving services easier by delivering timely alerts when it might be time to disconnect and reconnect services, upgrade plans, or promote new products and services.

Property Monitor helps essential services target and monitor property changes, allowing them to become more efficient, assist with driving profits, and capable of delivering a better customer experience.