Make quick and easy flood risk assessments on New Zealand property

NZ FloodScore

With a simple score system that enables effortless flood risk assessments throughout New Zealand, FloodScoreTM is ideal for organisations that need comprehensive and accessible flood risk data that is easy to use and interpret when talking to clients or for those members of your team who do not have access to GIS tools.

FloodScore screenshot

Flooded town

User-friendly flood risk visibility

NZ FloodScore allocates an easy-to-understand relative risk ‘score’ to properties, that captures the likelihood of floods through rainfall, river flooding or tidal surges. This allows for a fast implementation of a simple flood risk assessment for both individual properties as well as across wider areas.

Don’t sacrifice depth of detail

Though user-friendly, NZ FloodScore’s modelling covers over 99% of New Zealand, making it a truly comprehensive tool. It also provides optional flood depth detail for different events, as well as full drill down to the type and depth of flood risk throughout the country for a range of return periods, from 1 in 20 year severity through to worst case 1 in 10,000 year.

Work flexibly

NZ FloodScore can be provided on a national or regional basis, and can be delivered as a spatial layer or a CSV file. It’s also available for testing against your claims or against other modelling databases. It is also the perfect complement to NZ FloodMap, - another comprehensive solution that offers a consistent spatial view of flood risk throughout New Zealand.

FloodScore Spatial Layer screenshot
NZ FloodScore Screenshot

Customise it to your needs

The reliability and flexibility of NZ FloodScore can make it ideal for a wide variety of commercial and other purposes. It can be used by insurers assessing concentration risk in a portfolio, determining pricing for policies for affected properties, or setting appropriate exclusions or excess amounts. Banks can use NZ FloodScore to help mitigate against exposure across a property portfolio, or to follow compliance processes relating to lending. It can also be used by commercial utilities companies to assess the impact of floods on services. And it can be used by government bodies to plan future infrastructure, prepare emergency responses, and so much more.

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