In-depth insight

Natural Hazard Data at a property level offers an improved risk calculation than more generalised assessments (such as existing CRESTA zones). Data is available around all major natural hazards, based on dozens of factors contributing to risk.  


Key natural hazards available are:

  • Earthquake - Susceptibility to fault rupture, frequency, response to close or distant earthquake and liquefaction.
  • Landslide - Slope/rock strength model, previous recorded instability and District Plan data risk.
  • Flood - 100 year flood zone, council flood information and soil data indicating susceptibility.
  • Coastal - Tsunami risk - based on proximity to coast, elevation and likely source/estimated wave height.

Understand your full exposure

Assess if your current portfolio is at risk and proactively adjust lending or underwriting policy or understand any risks impacting the viability of a property to be insured or held as collateral. 

Property level risk enables easier modelling at portfolio level to understand the concentration of exposure to particular risks.

Forecasting and reporting

Get the ability to forecast and estimate any associated risks within portfolios, and actively report risk and exposure to reinsurers.


Price the risk

Understand a property’s attributes and risk before outlining price - whether for new policy enquiries or when looking to lend.