Based on your feedback, we’ve upgraded Emap with: 
  • Customisable features to add data and change the colour, transparency and number of points or polygons
  • Revamped draw and measure tools
  • Last sale price and date visible in the property labels overlay options
  • A larger and easier to read results box An intuitive, modernised web interface with updated
  • Basemaps and simpler access to Hybrid layer
  • A layer for easements and memorial details (only available in Emap Advanced).

Emap Standard

Enjoy many of Emap’s latest data and mapping features.

Data insights at your fingertips

Get up-to-date property information, including ownership and title details, last sale price, contours and boundaries. Our mapping and visualisation tools also make it easy to identify complex properties like farms. 

Dedicated map data experts

Emap is powered by CoreLogic’s market-leading NZ Master Map. Maintained by a team of local experts, NZ Master Map is a trusted source of location data for emergency services, government departments and industries like telecommunications, utilities, insurance, law and finance. 

Enhanced mapping tools

Take your property maps to the next level, with our cloud-free orthorectified aerial imagery. You’ll get 99% coverage of New Zealand, combined with Emap’s upgraded draw and measure tools.


Emap Advanced

Enjoy many of Emap’s latest data and mapping features.


Put your business on the map

Emap Advanced gives you the power to add, customise and edit your own layer of business data. By gaining deeper insights into your business and markets, it can help you to identify key trends and areas of opportunity or risk, better plan your resources and share data across your team so you can collaborate more effectively.

Access easements and memorial details

As an Emap Advanced user, you’ll get total visibility over easements and memorial details. You can view land parcels that have easements, along with their geometries and a detailed description of each easement.

Take your property mapping to the next level

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