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Rich property data

CoreLogic has a wealth of available land and property data sets, types and fields. Work with us to get the best solution to suit your business needs.


Some of the data and analytics options available:

  • Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) - get greater certainty and reassurance particularly on lending decisions.
  • Property attribute data - helping you understand your customer's property from the inside out. Includes attributes such as size, floor area, construction materials, age, location, value and length of tenure.
  • Buyer classification analysis - comprehensive and reliable way to understand and measure types of buyers across the property market in New Zealand, allowing a greater understanding of the target market and ongoing measurement of planning and policy effectiveness within specific categories of home ownership.
  • Statistical analysis of property stock and trend – insight into age and types of properties in an area, useful for site and territory planning, delivery of services and assessment of demographics and trends. 
  • Mortgage market share - know what your market share is and how you compare to your competitors to better understand where and with what types of buyers to target your efforts.

Tailored to suit your business

We can help power your projects as well as add value to your business by combining customised data with our analytical expertise. With the ability to extract and deliver key information and overlay it with your current datasets, we can assist you in gaining greater insight into your business, your customers and your market.

Build better customer relationships

Gain insight to understand what your customers need, and then retain and grow your market share by making sure you reach out to them when they need you most.

Add value to your customers by accessing property and location based data that enriches your customer’s view.


Understand your portfolio and mitigate risk

Knowing where business opportunities and risks are is critical to success. We can help you to understand your market position and identify where you’re exposed, helping you to make smarter decisions and focus where you efforts will be best targeted.