Need help giving your clients faster rebuild estimates for commercial property insurance?

Cordell Commercial Estimator creates fact-based estimations using property-specific data sourced from your customer

Cordell Commercial Estimator is a brand new tool for efficiently assessing rebuild costs and timeframes for New Zealand commercial buildings, making it easier than ever for insurers and brokers to determine appropriate sum-insured values for their clients.

Combining market-leading costing information with an easy-to-use online calculator, Cordell Commercial Estimator delivers a useful benchmark for rebuild cost estimates – powered by regularly updated property data.

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Powerful data at your fingertips

Cordell Commercial Estimator gives you direct access to New Zealand’s most comprehensive building cost database. In just a few clicks, you can get a fact-based estimate for sum-insured values, calculate rebuild times and generate replacement estimate reports for your clients. Plus, it makes updating estimates a breeze at renewal time.

Improve the client experience

This intuitive tool helps you identify, manage and mitigate insurance risks so your clients get the right level of cover. And by potentially avoiding the need for quantity surveying, your clients may enjoy faster turnarounds on policy approvals and cheaper policy costs.

Unlock more cross-sell opportunities

By understanding the costs and time to rebuild, you can showcase your expertise and drive more meaningful conversations with your clients. That way, you can proactively identify and engage clients who may be open to cross-sell, for example business interruption covering.

Drive efficiency and profitability across your business

Our automated rebuild cost estimates can make your business more efficient – by arming your team with the information they need to speed up the underwriting process. And with comprehensive data on hand to assess and price your cover, you can help to reduce the risk of underinsurance and offer the right premium having considered the risk.

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