Understand your local market

The depth of data in Cityscope allows you to understand what is happening in a market right now along with identifying longer term trends. All of the data captured helps commercial property professionals understand their market and identify/target new opportunities. 

  • Understand stock levels, access ownership and tenant details, identify properties that could be about to go on the market, see what developments are planned or under construction, identify vacant land and easily pinpoint refurbishment opportunities. 



Win more business

Cityscope provides contact information for thousands of property owners, tenants and managing agents, giving you access to new opportunities to help you edge out competitors and increase your market share. The detailed building information and powerful searching tools allow you to target more focused opportunities.

Ownership information goes beyond the name and address. Cityscope researches owners to provide true ownership insight – down to the directors and shareholders.

Tenant lists are maintained for each Cityscope property. Tenant information is verified and updated once or twice a year (depending on location) to ensure our records are as accurate as possible. This type of list gives great insights into the types of businesses that are operating in a particular area so you can target your marketing to them.

Cityscope records building managing agent’s information, including contact details.

Data depth

Cityscope has a rich history of commercial property data dating back to 1973. The database is maintained by an experienced team of researchers (no automated data feeds) and each record is updated yearly after a physical inspection that confirms building attributes, building grades, tenancy details, refurbishments, developments and managing agent, along with sales and leasing activity.


Data is sourced and collated from a wide variety of sources including government registers, agencies, owners, councils, directories, websites, press reports and releases. These are further augmented by field research, which includes physical inspection of each and every building once or twice a year (depending on location). 

Key data groups and elements in Cityscope include:

  • Detailed Maps
  • Property Descriptions and Imagery
  • Key Building Attributes – classification, building grade, building area, typical floor area, storeys, year built, year refurbished, car parking, site area.
  • Proposed Developments – from tenancy fit outs to complete redevelopments.
  • Tenant Lists – the businesses occupying space. 
  • Current For Lease and For Sale Activity – who is leasing and who is selling.
  • Complete Sales History – sales prices, dates, buyers and vendors. A rich history of sales and sales related activity including campaigns.
  • Property Ownership – from the registered owner names down to the companies who own the properties.
  • Building Services – managing agent and lift maintenance.
  • Statutory Information – title references and lot/plan details.

Flexible searching and exporting

From information on a single building to a targeted list of properties meeting specific criteria, Cityscope offers flexible searching, reporting and exporting capabilities to help you maximise your return on investment. Search options make finding properties quick and easy.

Search individual properties, search across entire markets or search for properties that meet specific criteria. Once target properties are located, you have the ability to customise and export the data.

Search options in Cityscope include: 

  • Map Search – Cityscope includes a detailed set of maps for each CBD area covered and is ideal when you know the geographic location of the property you are looking for. 
  • Index Lookups – an easy way to quickly locate a property if you know its street address or the building name. 
  • Data Search – search across a combination of 60+ data elements recorded by Cityscope, ideal for identifying properties that represent opportunities based on a set criteria.