Address Inserts
added and validated each week
geo-located physical addresses
Types of Addresses Available:
A 'CoreLogic Physical Address', a Postal Address File and a 'CRS Address'

Quality data

Ensure the ongoing validity and consistency of your addressing data via 2million+ fully verified, geo-located ‘in-use’ addresses - as trusted by NZ’s Emergency Services, the Ministry of Justice and major telecommunications/energy providers. Proven match rates help ensure a verified physical address in a standardised format is provided, linked to alias addresses where possible.


Fast and comprehensive address data capture

AddressRight helps to reduce the risk of your contact records having incorrectly spelled or entered addresses. The ‘auto-complete’ function returns fully standardised and verified addresses, with aerial/map imagery providing a further visual check if needed.

Easy integration

Web-enabled applications can be connected to the AddressRight API - which is available online via your own dedicated AddressRight login. The AddressRight API features real-time access to correct address data, compliance to NZ Post Standards, thumbnail property images for additional checks and fuzzy search functionality.

  • Developer and Technical Information: Comprehensive technical documentation is available on our developer site. Please contact us to request a login. Implementation is via a REST API with multiple output format options. We provide example implementations of the API in several popular javascript frameworks for ease of application. Our developers can assist with implementation if required.
  • Access fully verified and geo-located addresses, then store them directly in your own database.
  • Fuzzy Search: Provides suggestions for address typos. Designed for real time auto-completion and optimised fast response with minimal bandwidth.
  • Thumbnails: An aerial or street map image of a searched property helps ensure you have the correct property at the point of data entry.
  • XY coordinates: future proof your customer data and locate addresses on a map. AddressRight provides coordinates in multiple formats, for compatibility with most mapping tools. Formats are NZTM, NZMG and WGS.

Data consistency

AddressRight provides CoreLogic unique identifying codes, to easily match to other CoreLogic data-sets for integration into your systems, either by API or bulk data feeds.

Reduced costs

Reduce the risk of human error and improve your data entry workflow speed and the manual re-work costs associated with undelivered/late products, services or communications due to poor addressing.


Expert data delivery

A dedicated team of data specialists maintain the quality of CoreLogic's addressing data, ensuring your access to New Zealand’s most comprehensive and current physical ‘in use’ verified address set available. Daily updates from multiple sources add thousands of updated and improved addresses weekly.

Three types of addresses are available in AddressRight: A ‘CoreLogic Physical Address’, a Postal Address File and a ‘CRS Address’:

  1. CoreLogic Physical Address: An address representing a Physical location - identifying an area of land; a building, or part of a building; or a structure. Two components are provided:
    1. PRIMARY address: the address value that is in common usage, whether official or non-official.
    2. ALIAS address: an alternative address for a property or parcel that is applicable for that location but not in common use. Always joined to a Primary address
  2. PAF Address (Postal Address File): Address Right can be configured to link to the NZ Post PAF dataset too. This is an address used for New Zealand Postal Addresses only. We exclude PAF addresses that are deleted \ historic, PO Boxes, Private Bags, Community Mailboxes or Counter Delivery Locations.
  3. CRS Address (LINZ Core Record System): An address used for Electoral purposes, as advised to LINZ by Territorial Authorities. CoreLogic Address Statistics Report only includes “Current” status.