This is a recording of a panel discussion from the RFI Group New Zealand Banking Innovation Summit 2021.

The events of 2020 meant financial institutions had to quickly rethink how they operated, speeding up the rate of digitisation in order to continue seamlessly delivering services to customers. 

In this discussion, that took part during RFi Group’s New Zealand Banking Innovation Summit 2021, CoreLogic NZ Head of Product Tom Coad chats to David Cunningham, CEO of The Co-operative Bank, and James Brown, GM of Fintech NZ, about:

  • future-proofing success with digital and capitalising on the accelerated digital use throughout the COVID-19 pandemic
  • the future of contactless payments
  • what customers expect out of their digital customer experience
  • how traditional banks can partner with tech providers to remain competitive.    

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Watch the full session: