September sees the launch of v2 of the SmartList model for real estate in New Zealand, a joint venture with our data partner Quantium.  With access to our property data, demographic data and economic data points, we are able to use advanced machine learning to predict ahead of time which properties are more likely to list in the near term.

A broad range of data points drive the property selections made by the algorithm; some of which are highlighted below:

CoreLogic SmartList

Property decisions are made over an extended period, often well before you as a real estate agent become aware of an intention to transact.  By building a solution that allows you to focus your attention on those properties more likely to list, you have a greater chance of reaching those properties that will become your future listings.

There are numerous ways to maximise your opportunities by using SmartList, whether that be via the traditional door knocking approach, through to letter box drops and washing the list against your CRM.  You may already have an established relationship with someone at the property that you will be able to leverage!

Key to success with the product is engaging with the right messaging – you need to have information to hand that will allow you to construct a relevant conversation for each prospective vendor.  Using RP NZ or Property Guru to source relevant information can assist you here.  You want to avoid anything that can be perceived as a hard sell approach from the outset – you are looking to encourage and nurture leads with this intent of converting them to future listings.  If the information is relevant to the situation of the person you are talking to, you will maximise your opportunity to engage with them.

As you become more advanced, you can start utilising your SmartList property lists further by uploading them into Facebook, allowing you options for additional social media targeting, getting your brand in front of the right audience.

SmartList delivers to you an easy to use list spreadsheet of properties each month which allows you to prioritise your prospecting on those properties that have been identified as having a higher likelihood of listing.  Being one of the first through the door provides you an opportunity to engage with that household early to demonstrate your expertise and win the listing. 

SmartList is sold on an exclusive basis, ensuring each region available for New Zealand is only available to one agent at any one time to maximise listing opportunities.

As part of the redevelopment of the model, we have been able to package up and release new regions for sale for the first time.  Please contact us if you want further information on any regions available.

By allowing you an opportunity to reach a household ahead of them listing their property on the market, SmartList works in helping you to perform ahead of the field.  Find out more here.