We have some great Esri web feature services available now and coming soon.  

Currently Available:

Greenfield data is utilised by the telecommunications and utilities industries to;

  • Strategically plan and position for future growth
  • Build operational efficiencies and plan resource allocation
  • Understand market share of new and developing areas
  • Ensure deliveries get to the right location; even if it doesn’t have an address yet
  • Understand dimensions of upcoming parcels, for service allocation and network design
CoreLogic NZ Greenfield

Coming Soon:

CoreLogic Address data is the Go-To for physical addresses for many in the Telecommunications, Utilities and Logistics sectors.  Our Data Maintenance team collate data from over a hundred sources and manually verify to ensure addresses are as accurate and correctly located as possible.  This means our data is comprehensive and is trusted by the Emergency Services – when locating a physical address is most critical.  As a Feature Service; you can access our addresses more easily than ever.

CoreLogic Address data

CoreLogic Roads data is collated from numerous data sources, and provides detailed attribution of road segments.  Trusted by Waka Kotahi NZTA and the Emergency Services, CoreLogic Roads data will soon be even easier to access and integrate via web feature service.

CoreLogic Roads data
CoreLogic Roads data

Points of Interest
With over 130 different point types available, Points of Interest data highlights many amenities such as hospitals, schools, airports, churches, service stations and many more.  This information for example can help you identify proximity risk to places where people gather, or find where vulnerable people may be located.  It can also help identify nearest services such as fire and ambulance.

CoreLogic Points of Interest data


Find out more about our available web services on the CoreLogic Developer Portal. Please note, you will need to sign up (no charge) to access.