As technology moves forward, real estate agents and the like can harness its power to boost their business. But will it add or take away jobs?

We're a country that loves to get online and use technology. Statistics New Zealand's Internet Service Provider Survey for 2015 indicated that we have 3.9 million mobile phones connected to the internet, and used nearly 85,000 terabytes of data in the month of June 2015 alone.

It could be for Facebook, job hunting or simply sitting down with a new series on Netflix. But how does our use of technology impact the job market and the New Zealand real estate landscape?

Improving efficiency and lives

The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) and Colmar Brunton conducted a survey involving 2,300 Kiwis and their attitudes towards technology, particularly in relation to employment. From this, 60 per cent of respondents said technology improved their productivity, while 82 per cent already own a smart phone.

Driverless cars and solar panels were two particular examples of incoming technologies that people felt positive about. Furthermore, the NZIER release notes that while technology can displace jobs, it also creates jobs at a significant rate.

How does it tie in to NZ real estate?

No matter which side of the property market you are on, new technologies can prove useful. EG Web Design argues that social media, content marketing and web pages specifically geared towards selling can be effective tools for real estate agents in New Zealand.

"Agents will not be replaced by technology... They will be replaced by agents with technology."

In fact, real estate agents are in a position to use technology to augment their role without being displaced by it. As Peter Williams, CEO at Deloitte stated in 2007:

"Agents will not be replaced by technology... They will be replaced by agents with technology."

Marketing is an important role for property valuers, agents, insurance brokers and the like. Tapping into new devices, social networks and other communication pathways can be a vital step forward for anyone working in New Zealand real estate.

Boost your knowledge - then your networks

New technology isn't just great for marketing, it is great for the services you offer as well. For example, here at CoreLogic we have a huge range of geospatial solutions. Using these, professionals can get detailed reports that outline roads, landscapes, property values, owner histories and more.  It's a technology that is used by many emergency services and utilities companies, and can be used by almost anyone.  

For more information on how you can adopt technology to boost your New Zealand real estate business from any angle, get in touch.