Master Map offers a detailed view of New Zealand’s built landscape, with detailed information for individual properties as well as new developments, addressing, infrastructure and roads. Master Map datasets provide the latest national coverage which can be used alongside our high-resolution imagery.

CoreLogic provides essential spatial datasets every day, to users across government, emergency services, telecommunications and utilities providers, and the construction industry, to enable planning and delivery of essential services to New Zealanders. 

Screenshot from NZ Master Map showing road centrelines, a greenfields development and a suburb with the property numbers displayed

Turbo-charged map features

Master Map gives you rich and valuable data insights, thanks to CoreLogic’s nationwide coverage of 2.5 million geocoded physical addresses. Master Map can be used contextually as raster or vector topographic layers within mapping applications, or the data can be analysed and queried to find specific details about locations or properties. 

Benefits of Master Map include: 

  • Daily updated data. CoreLogic’s property data is updated daily, and our dedicated team of local Wellington-based experts review and verify over 4,000 spatial data changes every week to ensure you always have the latest information at your fingertips.
  • Extensive local information. View attributes at a suburb or regional level to see administration boundaries, points of interest and community facilities such as hospitals and schools. 
  • Detailed road attributes: Our polylines for roads include speed limits, lane counts, turn restrictions and directions of travel, as well as To and From addressing ranges. 
  • Digital terrain models. Get a better understanding of the local landscape, with contours displayed between 0.5m and 20m intervals. 
  • High-quality imagery. We capture our own proprietary images to specifically align with our datasets, providing orthorectified and 100% cloud-free coverage of all urban areas and most rural areas.
  • Geo-referenced documentation. Access the building consents and title records assigned to a property, so you can see the property’s ownership and development plans at a glance.
Screenshot of NZ Master Map showing access points to a number of properties

Solutions tailored to your needs 

NZ Master Map is an essential tool for field planning, emergency response planning and fibre installation across the country. Depending on your own organisation’s needs, you can choose from a range of flexible solutions via direct download or as a web service.

Options include: 

  • data extracts in various geospatial formats
  • data delivered at a set frequency via our Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • full database-to-database overnight replications

NZ Master Map uses a unique property identifier for each address that we can match to your organisation’s own identifiers, making it quick and easy for you to search for addresses and attributes. We can also provide API-enabled data connectivity, which offers unlimited spatial analysis possibilities when combined with your own data. 

Plus, with NZ Master Map, you can unlock valuable insights from other CoreLogic tools – including FloodScore, which shows a property’s exposure to flood risk.