Thanks to our recent agreement with global technology pioneer Nearmap, we will soon be incorporating Nearmap imagery in Emap, providing you with even more of a current, and detailed view of New Zealand.  The Nearmap layer will be included at no additional cost, as a supplementary basemap layer, and has annual (and in some key urban areas bi-annual) updates of 75% of the country by population

Having reliable access to clear and current aerial imagery may potentially reduce the need to physically visit properties.  It may help you plan projects, make confident property decisions and boost efficiencies more easily from your desktop. The new imagery will be particularly valuable in areas where there are new subdivisions or ongoing development. 

Emap is utilised by many in the utilities industries to help quickly and easily identify key property information such as ownership, easements, memorial details and more.  Emap Advanced also offers you the ability to overlay your clients, projects or prospects to really put your business on the map.