Surely every property has a letterbox assigned to an officially recognised street, suburb, city and postcode? Getting your promotional offers, customer communications or actual products and services to the correct home should be a straight forward process, right?  

Well, yes if we assume that every single human who interacts with your customer database has perfect hearing, spelling and data inputting skills. If typos were impossible, if people never moved. If formatting was an across-the-board robotic standard, known by all. If there was only one true address for every property, not a postal address and a physical address.  And perhaps the biggest issue of all: if your customers themselves didn’t shorthand their addresses when providing them to frontline staff; surely the postie/courier/service delivery people will know which unit the ‘side townhouse’ is. 

When asked for examples of standout addressing errors in real business databases, the data maintenance team at CoreLogic provides some pearlers: “Bob’s Farm, Keep off” is a firm favourite.  Also popular are those errors with the correct street number and street name, but completely the wrong city. Both are valid addresses, but your actual customer only lives at one. All it takes is human error and you’ve got a non-delivery mess. 

Unfortunately, all these address accuracy issues are what happen to data in the real world. It’s probably happening in your own databases right now. 

Just talk to the admin people who get to open the stacks of GNA (Gone No Address) mail returns. The courier unsuccessfully trying to deliver your product, the support teams trying to placate customers frustrated by a non-delivery. The accounts team who have to action credits against failures to deliver.  That’s a whole lot of wasted and expensive resource, both internal and external to fix a problem that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

When not handled correctly, address accuracy is an administrative headache but it’s actually a potential nightmare for supply, cost management, brand reputation and revenue. One little data error can have a much, much bigger impact. 

To give you an idea on the sheer scope of data movement involved in addressing, at CoreLogic, every single week we add and validate 2,500+ addresses, including 1,000 brand new addresses. Addressing data isn’t a permanent thing. People move. Houses are built. Properties are subdivided. Entirely new neighbourhoods and in some cases, suburbs are created. 

The scale and complexity of this data is why CoreLogic has an entire dedicated specialist data unit whose sole function is to continually maintain dataset addressing.  It’s through these efforts that CoreLogic can offer 2Million+ fully verified, geo-located ‘in-use’ addresses - the accuracy of which is trusted by New Zealand’s Emergency Services, the Ministry of Justice and major telecommunications/utility providers.  

Lance Morrell leads data fulfilment for CoreLogic and comments: “As you’d expect from an organisation specialising in data, we’re one of the biggest hands-on operational teams in CoreLogic. Complementing what we do daily are two full time teams for data delivery and data procurement. This shows just how significant our investment is in NZ data accuracy and customisation.”

CoreLogic address accuracy serves a vital role - it ensures that police, fire and ambulance crews can reach life threatening events - and that high speed fibre internet is being installed at the correct home. Because whether the end result is saving lives or delivering a customised promotional offer, neither can be achieved without an accurate address.

As Matt Lythe, Head of Geospatial Solutions for CoreLogic explains: “A common understanding of the property address is fundamental for a functioning and productive economy…it’s required by both the providers of goods/services, and the household consuming them.” 

CoreLogic offers a range of addressing services for businesses needing support for either physical or postal addressing requirements: 

  • An address cleansing service to help ensure your customer database actually gets your communications 
  • AddressRight which is a fast, accurate and easily integrated address verification tool. It provides access to correct addressing data and then lets you store the standardised results directly into your own database to reduce the risks and costs to your business of poor address entry. Address Right can even be integrated into your website for an enhanced customer experience.  
  • SendRight accreditation (checking address accuracy against the NZ Post Postal Address File dataset). If a business’s data qualifies, the resulting certified statement of accuracy enables a bulk mail discount.  With NZ Post introducing new discount levels for address accuracy from 1 July 2018, ensuring the best addressing data possible is more important than ever. 

For those requiring a more customised approach, CoreLogic also offers custom data delivery and replications for addressing requirements. 

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