NZ’s current property mix is made up of residential (1.6million properties), commercial (65,000), industrial (43,000) and a further 87,000 are rural. 400 of those residential properties change hands every day. The sheer scale of property data being verified daily by legal professionals becomes clearer when the building consent applications, neighbourly disputes over fences, trees and driveways, resource consents for major developments and properties being settled (or contested) under an estate are also considered. 

Unfortunately, manual reviewing a property’s legal information isn’t failsafe. Addresses get mixed up, errors in certificates of title have been known to cause major stress years down the track, and land parcels go missing entirely. When it comes to the business of property law, context is everything.  

This power of context is why a NZ company has created the ‘next level’ in convenient legal property data. Designed after in-depth industry feedback, CoreLogic has recently launched PropertyView, offering legal professionals all the NZ property information required to support clients when buying and selling property or resolving property disputes.

PropertyView offers rich base maps and quality high resolution property imagery, combined with interactive mapping and CoreLogic APIs. Property law professionals can capture comprehensive property data and insights in real-time, including property attributes, photos, covenants, boundaries, estate types, easements, ownership, titles, last sale date and price - visualising not just the property in question but other properties of interest/surrounding properties too.

CoreLogic Head of Geospatial Solutions - Matt Lythe, explains: “To truly understand a property, you need to combine the officially documented legal records against a ‘real-world’ visual context. Only then can you achieve a more accurate appreciation of that specific property and the risks/opportunities it may carry”. 

Lythe talks of convenience as being a firm focus. “PropertyView offers comprehensive NZ property data and advanced mapping/drawing features, but the tool itself is quickly understood”. 

Easy searching reduces time taken to identify properties and advanced mapping enables a property to be properly visualised, as Lythe explains: “Neighbours, titles, property boundaries, easements and recent sales can be accounted for but importantly - also actually understood. There’s real power in understanding that context, and we’re thrilled to make this available for NZ’s legal professionals.” 

Lythe notes that there is potential application of PropertyView beyond the legal profession too: “Any industry that needs to understand property boundaries, easements and ownership would benefit from PropertyView, indeed it’s already getting interest from the telecommunications and utilities sector.” 

PropertyView is available in two simple plans. A single user 60 day project plan is available for $250+GST and a single user subscription is available from $80+GST/month (12 month minimum term applies for subscriptions). 

You can read more information on PropertyView here.