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The Impact Of Data On The Quality Of Vendor Experience

16 July 2018

One of the most important things agents can do to deliver high satisfaction levels for clients is to share more information about the market with them in their listing presentation, the 2018 Vendor Perceptions of Real Estate Agents Report New Zealand showed.continue reading

The International Athlete Disguised As A Product Owner

13 July 2018

For most of us, our sporting careers peak in high school. Not many of us have the tenacity, self-drive, determination and commitment to juggle ‘adulting’ with high performance sports, representing not just our region but our country too. continue reading

Which Suburbs Are Booming, Which Are Not

13 July 2018

Lower-priced suburbs and/or those that have seen high turnover rates over the past year have tended to have seen the most value growth. Several of these are in the lower North Island. Weaker suburbs have been concentrated in Auckland and Christchurch – no surprises there.continue reading

New CoreLogic Smart Map Showcases NZ’s Latest Property Market Stats

12 July 2018

CoreLogic has today released the ‘‘Mapping the Market’ report, a new interactive map of New Zealand’s property landscape which could ease pressure on people struggling to locate homes within their actual budget. continue reading

Tips And Tricks To Maximise Your Storage

08 July 2018

Extra storage is one of the most sought after features when searching for a new home, so creating a space where you can maximise storage to create a more spacious living environment will make your home all the more attractive to potential buyers.continue reading

NZ’s Regional Property Markets Are Doing OK…ish

06 July 2018

The latest QV House index is out and for NZ’s regions; and according to CoreLogic Head of Research, Nick Goodall - the news is both good and bad. continue reading

Regions Faring Better Than The cities But For How Long

05 July 2018

The latest QV House Price Index is out (using CoreLogic data) and none of the main centres saw property value growth of more than 0.5% since May.continue reading

More New Dwellings, But Still Reducing In Size

05 July 2018

Driven by Auckland, new dwelling consents continue to rise strongly. By type, the growth has been driven by apartments and townhouses, with the average size of new dwellings continuing to fall. Given the growing population, a more intensified housing stock makes a lot of sense.continue reading

Where are we going?

04 July 2018

As capital growth in the residential property market has continued to diminish and articles hypothesise what of a proper downturn, we yearn for more solid information to understand where the property market is heading next. Here in the CoreLogic Research team, we've been doing some work on forming acontinue reading


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