COVID-19 has created an enormous demand for deliveries, a trend that looks set to continue. To meet this new demand, retailers and freight forwarding businesses need to ensure that their delivery processes are as smooth as possible.

We are leveraging our unique data and analytics to find innovative ways to help retailers and delivery companies get essential supplies where they need to go fast.

Get your addresses right

Unreliable address details on orders online can completely disrupt an entire delivery schedule, and are often caused by addressing tools that either include invalid addresses, or exclude addresses so a customer has to manually add their own. AddressRight provides comprehensive verified physical address data, ensuring that your customers can select the correct address when they are placing an online order. CoreLogic addresses are trusted by New Zealand’s Emergency Services to make sure they get to the right address on time.





Advanced routing service

CoreLogic can also provide a routing service to create the best routes for your drivers, saving them time and helping them make more deliveries. With AddressRight and routing services the end-to-end success of your deliveries can be improved; with automated route planning and time saved on manual corrections, and more on-time deliveries and happy customers.

Target your marketing with property alerts

When people move house, they often increase their spend on appliances and homewares. Property Monitor alerts you to key property events, such as homes being listed or sold, so that you can contact these movers with relevant messaging at a time when they are more likely to be receptive.

Target your marketing with property alerts
Better understand your customers

Better understand your customers

Information about a property, such as size and number of bedrooms or levels can provide insight as to the consumers who live there. Having this can help you better understand your customer base and their potential purchasing needs. CoreLogic has a wide range of property and land data sets, types and fields. Work with us to get the best solution to suit your needs.

Market Reports and Updates

Our Research Team continuously monitors the state of the industry and provides weekly reports to help you navigate the challenges posed by COVID-19. Sign up to our Property Pulse Newsletter to make sure you receive all the latest market updates straight to your inbox.



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