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Land and property forms the backbone of many industries in New Zealand, as well as underpinning the economy; therefore, understanding the real estate market in New Zealand can be crucial to business performance.

The New Zealand real estate market has a huge impact on the wider economy. As the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) noted, there are housing market factors large and small that can impact business confidence, economic growth, employment and more. These include:

  • The reconstruction of real estate in Canterbury
  • Housing supply and demand
  • Interest rate setting

On top of these, RBNZ Governor Graeme Wheeler has noted that property makes up nearly three-quarters of assets held by New Zealand households, while home loans comprise more than 50 per cent of all lending. This means housing is a major factor  in how our economy performs, as a source of both risk and reward. 

Making critical business decisions requires real knowledge of how your actions could affect the wider economy, and vice versa. Analytical insight on home values, market share, ownership, and location intelligence can all inform business decisions that take your enterprise forward. 

CoreLogic offers a variety of solutions that can help you achieve your goals.

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