Our Principles

We remain independent

We take our independence very seriously. It’s what makes us different. We know that independence underpins trust, and trust is what powers strong relationships. That’s why we’re strict with the way we provide our data and why we’re proudly sector independent. We want everyone who interacts with us to know this, and to choose us for this reason.

Accuracy is everything

We’re only as good as our data. For us to be the most useful partner to our customers, we have to supply the very best quality data available. We care deeply about providing up-to-the-minute data, with minimal room for human error. That’s why we invest in technology that helps us deliver on these elements and more besides.

Our data vision is 360

Data superiority comes with both depth and breadth of vision – we provide full optics. We believe that data is a ‘sum of the parts’. When it’s blended, integrated, orchestrated and overlaid, it truly comes alive. Our data is shared, finessed and shaped to become an enlightened and inspiring source of insight. We’re an essential part of something big.

We seize the opportunity

We believe intuition is a superpower; we foster and nurture it in our people. It takes a blend of common sense and commercial nous to unearth important insights from raw data and to understand, and effectively deliver, what ‘value’ looks like for each customer. We’re an agile, empowered and pragmatic workforce, forging meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with our diverse range of customers.