Our People

Jono Haimes

Jono is our head mapping maestro, covering both the Australian and New Zealand geographies. He leads the development and operations of CoreLogic’s geospatial platform; the system that allows our location-rich data to be fed into our products and client solutions.

Geospatial data is a digital representation of the physical world, which enables unique insights into everyday issues that often can’t be gleaned through traditional data analysis. Jono is passionate about the opportunities geospatial offers, and is driven by working with and learning from his team of experts that he considers ‘the best in the business’.

With over 15 years’ experience in the geospatial field, Jono has worked on initiatives throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific. He brings to his role an in-depth knowledge of the ArcGIS suite of technologies that power CoreLogic’s geospatial products and services.

In 2015–16, he oversaw the rollout of VanuaGIS in Fiji; a modern and robust geospatial platform that enabled the Fijian Government to administer its location-based assets. When Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston hit the Fijian mainland, Jono and his team worked on the ground alongside the Fijian Government, the United Nations and UNICEF, using VanuaGIS to create a single view of information to support the coordination of a united response.