Leadership Principles

At CoreLogic, it’s not just about what we do. What really matters is why we do it and how it benefits our customers. Our leadership principles set us apart, laying the foundations for everything we do

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Envision the future
  • Build a new world by fostering an innovative and agile environment.
  • Balance long-term solutions and short-term wins.
  • Keep focus on one CoreLogic.
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Inspire and energise
  • Inspire optimism and energy.
  • Carry the message and set the tone.
  • Engage and build a high-performing, diverse team.
  • Ignite people’s thirst to learn and grow.
  • Be a role model. 
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Deliver excellence
  • Hold yourself and others accountable to high standards.
  • Ensure superior business results with a focus on the customer.
  • Continuously improve yourself, your skills and the environment around you.