Diversity and Inclusion

At CoreLogic, we embrace our collective difference to stay agile and drive innovation.

Diversity brings us new ideas and perspectives and, through inclusion, we actively seek them out to benefit our customers. We do that by encouraging everyone to be themselves – their whole selves – at work.

For us, an inclusive environment is one where everyone feels they: 

diversity and inclusion infographic


To attract, promote and retain a diversity of talent, we draw from the widest possible talent pools. Our strategic focus is on four key diversity categories.


Lisa Claes Managing Director, CoreLogic International 
The importance of Diversity and Inclusion.


2020 WGEA submission

We celebrate the cultural diversity of our people by learning more about each other. Celebrating days of cultural significance including NAIDOC Week, Matariki Week, Waitangi Day, Harmony Day, Lunar New Year allows us to share experiences and heritage. We also embrace our members of the LGBTQI+ community and celebrate days such as Wear It Purple Day.

CoreLogic is a proud member of Diversity Council Australia.

Sarah Edwards 



We really understand diversity is key to a successful organisation. We know it’s incredibly important to hear different views before making business decisions. 

Sarah Edwards

CoreLogic is a multicultural organisation where people work together… I feel so included in everything that’s going on. It makes me feel like I’m at home.

Damien Nicholls

I think the value of inclusion at CoreLogic is strong.

Paul North