Valuation Ordering Service

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CoreLogic offers a range of valuation services, including our Valuation Ordering Service, which ensures independent valuations can be ordered from a preferred, nationwide panel of bank approved valuers. This service helps reduce risk for lenders but also delivers value to both the lender and the end customer.

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  • Greater customer experience - the entire process of finding an approved valuer is handled for the customer by their Bank or Broker.
  • Reduced risk - reduced opportunities for fraud and inflated property values with complete transparency throughout the entire process.
  • Quality assurance - with qualified, bank approved valuers undertaking the valuations, high quality reports are ensured, meaning the valuation report will always be accepted by the bank.
  • Streamlined ordering - with an efficient and easy ordering platform, exceptional communication channels, and strict deadlines, you'll get your valuation report when you need it.
  • Experienced team - through our active, dedicated Panel Management Team and friendly Customer Support Team, we are increasing the quality of valuations throughout the profession.

Detailed overview

An insight into how our valuation services can help you: 

  • Full Market Valuations - get a quality valuation report from valuers you know will deliver on time.
  • Val-IQ Desktop Valuations - customers can get a cost-effective report within 24 hours with Val-IQ Desktop Valuations, which eliminate onsite inspection by a valuer.
  • Valuation management platform - fully outsource your valuation requirements with Valex, an easy, online system that allows up to date tracking of valuations, reporting and management of all work.

Contact us to find out more about the Valuation Ordering Service and our valuation offerings.

Case Study

Valuation Ordering Service


Changing the shape of a profession is never going to be an easy feat. We decided to do it anyway. With the customer in mind, we set about creating a simple, efficient service where the banks, valuers and customers could be assured that every step was transparent and independent. It was about creating consistency. continue reading

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