Panel and valuation management.

ValEx is a comprehensive valuation and risk management platform utilised by CoreLogic's Valuation Ordering Service. Allowing an easy way to track valuations, reporting and management of all work, ValEx allows you to fully outsource your valuation requirements.

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  • Up to date tracking - make sure all valuation orders are on track with automated email notifications on any status updates such as delays within the job.
  • Save time - a streamlined platform that creates efficiencies in the valuation ordering process, from valuer allocation through to report delivery.
  • Meet deadlines - with the ability to reassign any valuation that isn't accepted by a firm within a defined time frame, you are ensured all valuations are accepted within the required deadline.
  • Purpose built - specifically built and tailored for panel management, the needs of the profession are always at the forefront of any developments.
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