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Make sure you know all the details when it comes to making critical property decisions. Terranet provides essential property information, allowing you to assess current market values, perform equity analysis or confirm property ownership with ease.


  • Save time - get all the property information you need in one place, saving you time by finding it from multiple sources.
  • Added value - a range of free community resources, including neighbourhood and suburb information, which helps your customers with their research.
  • Tailored options - with pay as you go or corporate account options you can ensure your account is set up the way you need it.
  • Easy access - find the property you're after with multiple search options including by owners name, title reference, street address, valuation reference or legal description.

Detailed overview

How Terranet reports can help you:

  • Online property reports - easy access to a range of property reports including property and sales history, local sales, survey and title transaction details and building consents.
  • Certificate of Title and legal details - quickly obtain legal documents such as Certificate of Titles with urgent delivery meaning you'll have them within 30 minutes of ordering (during business hours).
  • Home Valuer - available when you need it, this Automated Valuation provides an estimated valuation of a residential property.

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