Automated Valuation Models

An instant estimate.

CoreLogic has multiple AVM's that provide an instant automated valuation of a property's current market value. Powered by models that have been specifically designed for the New Zealand market, our AVM's provide a robust measure in which to value properties either individually or in bulk. And with continual monitoring of accuracy and weekly testing, you can get the reassurance you need when making property decisions.

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  • Cost effective - easily and quickly determine your property price is within a reasonable range
  • Accurate - our AVM's give us reliable coverage of 99.9% of all urban houses in the country and nearly 97% coverage of the entire property market in New Zealand.
  • Reduce risk - get greater certainty and reassurance than other measures such as sale price or Rating Value when lending against a property.
  • Proven performance - tested weekly against every property in New Zealand, each AVM is benchmarked, tested and analysed constantly with its availability also monitored over time.
  • Historical evidence - with historical AVM's available for any property for any point in time since 2000, you can easily find out previous values and see value change over time.

Detailed overview

How our AVM's stack up:

  • Consistent results - results from our testing show that nationally our AVM's consistently values houses within 10% of the actual selling price over 73% of the time. For comparison, being within 10% of the actual selling price approximately 65% of the time is considered to be very good internationally.
  • Gauging accuracy - we are also able to calculate how accurate the AVM estimate is likely to be in comparison to the current market value by using a Forecast Standard Deviation (FSD). The FSD calculation is based on analysis of the comparable sales used by the AVM to gauge how accurate it is likely to be.
  • Extensive coverage - our AVMs have coverage on over 99% of all houses in New Zealand, approximately 99% of all flats, over 85% of all apartments, and over 63% of all lifestyle properties.
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