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Generate leads by creating interactive and highly engaging content on your website.

CoreLogic Web Widgets provide valuable information to your website visitors by showing them how much their home is estimated to be worth, and recent property sales in their area – helping you stand out from the crowd as a data driven agent or adviser!



4 ways Web Widgets can help you grow your business:

    1. Connect with potential clients – generate trust by helping them easily answer their most important question – “How much is my property estimated to be worth?”
    2. Make your website ‘sticky’ – add engaging and highly valued content to your website to complement existing information and provide a service to potential clients who are researching agents or advisers and want to understand how you can help them.
    3. Receive hot leads – clients only receive free reports if they provide their contact details, which are then sent to your email address for you to follow up.
    4. Improve the search engine ranking of your website – creating engaging and sought-after content will boost your position with Google.

    Key Features

    • Easy to set up – our widgets are created by our setup team so you don’t need to be a technical expert.
    • We'll supply you with a small snippet of embed code to add to your website. If you are able to edit your website and embed content (for example YouTube videos), then it’s likely you can embed the widget yourself. Otherwise you'll need to contact your website administrator and request that they add the embed code for you.
    • Give to get – users must fill in a small contact form to receive their free property value estimate.
    • Available as a “tower” shape (vertical) or “map” (horizontal) to best fit in with your website design.
    • Available in a range of colours to suit all major franchises.
    • Agent or Agency promotional panel on the tower format allows you to customise the widget with a photo or company logo and contact details.
    • Limit of 5 reports per end user, after which point your client is advised to contact you.
    • Leads are immediately emailed through to the authorised email address.

    You can view examples of Web Widgets here.



    Here's how it works:

    • A potential customer navigates to your website, where the property information widget is displayed. 
    • They enter the address of their property or property they're interested in, and must provide their contact details before they can view the estimate.
    • Once they submit their details the property's estimated value, along with a selection of recent local sales, are displayed onscreen. 
    • At the same time, their contact details are sent directly to your registered email address as a lead. 
    • In addition, the increased engagement with your website helps to boost it in search engine rankings.



    I’m not technical at all. How do I add a widget to my website?

    Complete the application form and our activations team will create your widget for you. We will email you with a small snippet of “embed code” that you or your website administrator will need to place on your nominated web page. If you can already edit your website yourself then it is likely you will be able to add the embed code yourself. If not, then you will likely need to involved your website administrator who can do it for you.


    My website is managed by our franchise head office, can I add a widget to it?

    You will need to request your website administrator to either grant you access permissions, or request that they add the embed code on your behalf.


    Can you customise my widget and make it do other things?

    We can change the colours and fonts as well as upload either a headshot or an company logo.


    How will I receive leads?

    Leads are immediately emailed to you. We will send the leads to the “Send Widget Leads To:” email address that you supply on the join form.





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