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QV.co.nz helps consumers and small businesses make smarter, more confident property decisions when buying or selling. With access to a range of online property information and valuation services, including your home's value, local area sales, weather and school zone information for each property, you will be able to make more informed choices.


  • Instant access - easy access to property information and reports when you need it most.
  • In-depth resources - a range of free resources and neighbourhood information to keep you in the know, from weather and school zones through to statistics and helpful guides to support your property decision.
  • Cost efficient packs - scalable, convenient property packs that give customers better value for money.
  • Market statistics - detailed, relevant statistics including residential, commercial, rural and rental information.
  • Easy alerts - get alerted to when new information is available on reports you've already purchased.

Detailed overview

How QV.co.nz reports can help buyers and sellers:

  • E-Valuer - determine a property's worth by getting an instant estimate of a property's value through our Automated Valuation Model (AVM), which is based on recent, nearby comparable sales in the area.
  • Local sales - see sales you're most interested in by viewing properties recently sold in the area and filtering them by price, sale date, bedrooms and more.
  • Previous sales of the property - have confidence in your numbers when making an offer by getting a sales history of a property.
  • Free local information - get to know the neighbourhood with free information such as weather data, school zones, market and demographic information.
  • Hazard risks - gain a better understanding of the natural hazards that may affect a property.
  • Building consents - if you have any questions over recent renovations or additions on a property this report provides information on what has been approved since 2010.
  • Certificate of Title details - find out finer details by getting key legal information on a property including ownership details, references and interests.
  • My QV - get quick access to your recent searches, favourite properties and purchases. You can even set alerts if anything changes on a property and track the value of properties you own.

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